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Recording your time

will help you a lot in exams. Keep challenging your Henan Mobile Number List limits while practicing common questions. When you are good at solving problems and practice a lot, you can move to a higher level and start solving advanced questions. Solving advanced problems will help you develop the mental skills to solve problems quickly. You should practice these advanced questions if you want to get the best score on the exam. To find the best learning resources for your queries visit professional coaching institutes in Mumbai. Perfecting your mental arithmetic The quantitative part consists of mental arithmetic if you have a good understanding of it and can solve problems quickly then it can be used as a time saving tool.

While you practice for

the exam regularly you should resist the urge to use Argentina Phone Number List a calculator during practice. You need to practice calculations in your head rather than using a calculator. Therefore you will not be given a calculator to perform calculations on the exam. Skip questions you didn’t get when taking the exam You don’t have to worry about whether you got the answer right or wrong; focus on your answers and do your best; you need to stick to your pacing strategy. Don’t spend more time on a question; it takes two and a half minutes to answer a question. If you encounter a problem you can’t solve or are unsure of the answer don’t give the wrong answer.

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