What is a Lead Robot?

A lead bot is the name given to sales and marketing chatbots responsible for automatically capturing leads on your website. 

It works like this: you and your marketing team work to bring more and more people to your website, right?

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So all of these actions are Ecuador Phone Numbers driving visitors to your website. What happens to them there?

I’ll tell you the reality of most websites that don’t use lead robots: these visitors are directed to specific pages — like a sales landing page, for example — or directly to the website’s home page.

See an example here from Leadster: 

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The lead robot is installed on any page of your website, and can approach these visitors in a personalized way, increasing your conversions. 

This is true at any stage Therefore, Of the Sales and Marketing Funnel — from the Top to the Bottom.

But that’s the classic type of lead bot. There are a few others we need to talk about a bit too. Come with me:

Where are Lead Bots Used? 

To understand the uses Therefore, of lead robots.  we need to Therefore, Go a little further than installing them on websites.

This is because, if we only look at the website. Therefore, we are determining that lead robots are only useful for those who have a website and sell online — whether products or services.

The reality today is quite different. Lead robots can Afghanistan Phone Number List be used in practically every segmentTherefore Therefore, from lead capture to the completion of the entire sale, including customer support.


But at the same time, this type of action is the most complicated to plan.

First, you’ll need to determine where your target audience hangs out. That’s a big job in itself.

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