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To do this run the following command on the terminal then give the project a name and select your language preferably as it can be us with. Create a project using then go into your project folder and run the install command and finally start your development server by running the following command Start the react server setup you ne to install and configure. is a utility-first framework that works seamlessly with Components allowing you to easily modify and style components to suit your project requirements. To install run the following command and paste the following into your file After that go to your file and modify the path.

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Of the modifi file you can enable path resolution for imports starting with the path that maps to in your project Table of contents. Finally install node in your project to prevent path errors and then modify your Use Mexico WhatsApp Number Data Path Resolution configuration update file to ensure your application can resolve paths correctly allowing you to import modules using defin aliases. This step is important for a smooth development experience and to avoid any import errors relat to path resolution. Installation and Configuration Once you have set up the application it is time to install it. You can do this using the following command.

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Several options for you to choose from. Installation Successful Using it in the Application After successful installation and configuration you can now start using it in your application. As an example we use the Hover Card component. Go to the documentation and get the hint for hover cards then import it into your app and use it this will produce the result as shown below. Showcase Hover Card Component it Component To it a component you can take advantage of the powerful features to customize its appearance and behavior. For example you can it the appearance of the hovercard component using passing styles through properties which makes the component look like below.

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