Promotional prices for foreign numbers and discounts for new customers

Black Friday is still three weeks Promotional prices for  away, but we can’t wait and are eagerly waiting to share the news. Our promotions start today and will last until December 2nd. During this time, you can buy international numbers from 53 countries around the world at great prices . And for new customers, we still have discounts on our packages as part of the “Global TeleCube” Promotion. Don’t delay, take advantage of the promotion and pay less at TeleCube.

When doing business in many markets, it is worth having foreign numbers in your company. This increases credibility among customers and contractors. And if you can buy foreign numbers at promotional prices, it would be a shame not to take advantage of such an opportunity. At TeleCube, from November 8 from 2:00 p.m. to December 2, you can buy numbers from 53 countries over 30% cheaper than regular prices. However, in order to obtain a foreign number, you must be a TeleCube customer and have purchased a specific service, e.g. any Virtual Exchange package or Mini package. If you do not use our services yet, register for a 14-day trial period for one of the above packages by the above date. Additionally, provide the promotional code, and as part of the “Global TeleCube” promotion, you will receive a 10% discount on the fixed subscription fee for the tested package.

How to buy international numbers at a promotional price

If you want to represent yourself in your Clients’ country with their local number, choose foreign numbers available at TeleCube at favorable prices. Only from November 8 from 2:00 p.m. to December 2 inclusive, numbers from 53 countries from PLN 13 net (one-time activation fee and fixed monthly subscription).

To find out what requirements must be met in order to obtain a number, visit our page dedicat to foreign numbers and select the country you are interest in. The prices present during the promotion are discount prices. Numbers for which there are no additional restrictions can be purchas directly through the TeleCube Customer Panel. After logging in, go to the “Virtual Exchange” tabs -> “Phone numbers” -> “Add number”. Then select the country and zone you are interest in from the list. Once the list of numbers appears, you can select a number for your company and proceed with the purchase.

In the case of numbers that Binance Database require additional registration requirements to purchase a number, please contact us. The best way is to do it by email, sending the necessary documents to [email protected] .

If you want to purchase a US number at the promotional price of PLN 13 net

When selecting a number Belgium phone number list from Germany , the price of which during the promotion is PLN 27 net , you must provide TeleCube with confirmation of having a registered office or branch in the zone from which you wish to purchase the number.

The list of countries from which you can obtain numbers, along with registration requirements and prices, can be found at

Become a new User and take advantage of the “Global TeleCube” Promotion**
If you are not yet using TeleCube services, register for one of the Virtual Central packages or the Mini VoIP package . Enter the discount code ” TELGLOB19 ” and take advantage of the promotion. During the free 14-day trial period, see how the service will work for your company. If you are satisfie continue working with us with a 10% discount on the fixed subscription fee for the tested package. More details about the promotion can be found at and in the Regulations .



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