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But these tious tasks take up a lot of time, energy, and creativity from your marketing team to focus on big-picture ideas and solutions. In addition, artificial intelligence can be us in ways that humans cannot achieve.Compute and evaluate large amounts of information quickly and cost-effectively. Is email marketing still relevant? In one sentence, yes.  is going the way of flip phones and dial-up modems and succumbing to youth trends. Digital marketing experts disagree. These numbers highlight the lasting benefits of email marketing. Email marketing has an impressive ROI. Small businesses gain $ per dollar spent.

Small businesses leverage email

To acquire customers. Small businesses use email marketing. To increase customer retention, welcome email open rates are as high as two-thirds of digital marketers rely on email marketing to Philippines WhatsApp Number List share information organically. Furthermore, by 2020 more than half of the world’s population will be using email. Which is a strong indication that email marketing is not going away and will only continue to expand over time. Ways to Leverage Artificial Intelligence for. Email Marketing If email marketing isn’t already in your digital marketing playbook. The simplicity, efficiency, and measurable results of AI email marketing might convince you to adopt it.

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Can leverage it to enhance your brand’s growth and success. Personaliz content Nothing is more off-putting to consumers than receiving a message from a brand that has nothing to do with their Italy Phone Number List interests. Emails that don’t match their nes may not be open or mark as spam or worse, result in the loss of email subscribers who might otherwise become loyal customers. Artificial intelligence helps ruce this risk. It collects key data points about consumers including interests, online habits, purchase history, behavior, and AI tracks the actions consumers take on your website and social channels. If you’re a fashion brand and a consumer has recently view your selectio.

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