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Team name then search and assign under Additional Permissions Policy click on Create Group button. Attach Group Create User Still on the page select Users on the left panel and click the Create User button. Create User Name the user and click the Next button. Name User Under Set Permissions option leave Add user to group as select option then go to User Groups and select the user group you creat above and click on Next button. View Set User Permissions and click Create User. Review and Create User details can now be view by clicking on a username. Click the Security Crentials tab and then click Create Access Key. Select Local Code and click the Next button. Click the Create Access Key button after accessing the key practice. You can copy the key to your file if available or download the file for later use.

Retrieve Access Keys Configuration

After creating the bucket to store static files we ne to configure the project to serve the files from. In the previous section we configur to serve our static assets. We ne to disable so that we can serve resources from. To do this go to the file and comment out the relevant lines of code. The code above comments out all the settings Belgium Number Data we have made for. Installing Packages In order for the project to be usable we ne to install two packages and. Provides low-level and extend file storage capabilities for interacting with the service to integrate with cloud storage providers such as Enable you to seamlessly manage and serve static files and mia files within your application Configuration settings To enable our project From the provid file we ne to make some changes to the file and update it using the following code.

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The settings above create

A dictionary that serves as a centraliz configuration container for defining the various storage backends us in the project. It’s important to note that this setting only applies to version 1 and above. For earlier versions please visit the documentation. In the above code we have a setting that identifies the storage configuration that Sweden Phone Number manages static files. Once the setup is complete we ne to add some settings specific to the settings file so scroll to the section where you will find the settings and make the following changes Upload the static files to Once the setup is in place the next task is to upload the static files to the bucket. You can do this by running the following command This will collect all the static files in our project application move them into a bucket and put them into the folder defin in the dictionary.

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